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Eco-Efficiency and Sustainable Development

Women promoting the environmental pillar of the Lisbon Strategy and the EU SDS


Countries: EU
Donors: European Commission, DG Environment; Ministry of Housing Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), The Netherlands
Partners: WEN, EEB, HEAL
Issues: Chemicals & Health
Duration: 03/2006 - 12/2006

Women promoting the Environmental Pillar of the Lisbon Strategy and the EU

WECF has finished the project "Eco-efficiency and sustainable development; Women promoting the environmental pillar of the Lisbon Strategy and the EU SDS".This project is based on our belief that competitiveness is in the long term unthinkable when it is not based on a healthy environment and a healthy population.

Our goal is to bring women into this debate, through making the link between environmental pollution, the environmental burden of disease and their effects on Europe's competitiveness. Therefore, in this project WECF wants to engage citizens, particularly women, in the debate on how to advocate with convincing arguments to incorporate the SDS and protection of environment and health as overarching goals to economic competitiveness in the Lisbon strategy.

This project is financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spacial Planning and the Environment (VROM IMZ)

More on this project:

Expert Workshop Environmental Burden of Disease

On April 13th WECF organised an Expert Workshop Environmental Burden of Disease ("EBD") in the Amazone Centre in Brussels.

More information about this Workshop:

International High-Level Roundtable

on Environmental Health Aspects of the Lisbon Strategy and the Sustainable Development Strategy:

"Clean, clever and competitive from a citizen's perspective"

November 27th, Brussels, Goethe Institute

  • Organized by WECF
  • Supported by HEAL and the EEB
  • Funded by the The Netherlands Ministry of VROM

More information on the High-Level Roundtable:

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