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Empowerment & Local Action (ELA) Kyrgyzstan

Building the capacity of poor local communities in rural areas in Kyrgyzstan


Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza), The Netherlands; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany
Partners: Social Union Agerkech, Rural Women’s NGO “Alga”, BIOM, Central Asian Alliance for Water & Public Fund Mehr-Shavkat, Habitat for Humanity, “ULGU”, UNISON
Issues: Energy & Climate, Water & Sanitation
Duration: 01/2008 - 12/2010

For more information about the Empowerment & Local Action programme, click here.

Organisation: Social Union Agerkech
City: Bishkek
Project title: Safe and affordable sanitation access for everyone
This project will protect water against pollution and save resources, improve the sanitary conditions and hygiene and it will reduce poverty in the area and increase the harvest with less financial input.

Issues short description:

  • Sanitation: Implementation of ecological sanitation toilets and hand washing facilities.
  • Poverty reduction by increasing the harvest

The mission of Agerkech is to ensure stainable development in local communities, radically reducing poverty levels and the encouragement of social and economic activity of citizens in the areas. The aim is to reach good social, ecological and economic environment in the communities.

Organisation: Rural Women’s NGO “Alga
Region: Ysykata Rayon, Chui Oblast
Project title: To the healthy and productive life in harmony with nature: Integration of poor families in the process of poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihood attaining".

The project objective is to enable two thousand poor rural women to integrate their families into the process of poverty alleviation and attaining a sustainable livelihood. This will be obtained by showing them ways of improving their living health conditions. Active people in the villages will be trained and participants will learn by experience (e.g. through demonstration centres and fields). Afterwards they should be able to function as so called resource persons in the village and give consultations to other villagers and sustainable living, safety of life/environment, resource mobilization and alternative sources of energy and ecological sanitation.

Organisation: BIOM
City: Bishkek
Project title: Local communities of Kyrgyzstan - for environmental safety!

Issues & short description:

  • Sanitation: Implementation of ecological sanitation toilets and hand washing facilities
  • Energy: Implementation of sustainable energy equipment (solar water heating)
  • Water: water protection, water purification
  • Village mobilization and training. Participatory problem analysis and planning

Organisation: Public Association Central Asian Alliance for Water & Public Fund Mehr-Shavkat, CAAW
City: Osh
Project title: Increasing the living standards of rural population by introducing new technologies of ecological sanitation concept to agriculture

Issues & short description:

  • Sanitation: Implementation of Ecosan toilets and handwash facilities
  • Agriculture: Establishing 24 farmer groups

The geographical area that is being covered by the project: Birlik, Pahta- Aral, Jany Aravan and Navruz villages of Aravan region, Osh oblast.

Public Association Central Asian Alliance for Water (CAAW) is working with the rural population from 2001 on drinking water and sanitation – hygiene problems in Fergana Valley.
The mission of CAAW is to create a network of organizations working on the problems of pure drinking water and sanitation hygiene in rural areas by developing the expansion or the partnership relationships. CAAW advocates for the needs of communities to be incorporated with local government and donor agency strategies.

CAAW Components are:

  • Development of village Water Committees
  • Development of village Youth Parliament
  • Hygiene and sanitation promotion
  • Construction of Ecosan toilets (household)
  • Construction of Ecosan toilets ( village schools)

More information on CAAW can be found here, a website will follow shortly.

Organisation:Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan
City: Bishkek
Project title: Cheap and clean houses with diverting toilets to the poor in villages

Issues & short description:

  • Habitat builds new, energy efficient houses. Funding is asked for building 25 Ecosan toilets near these houses

Organisation: Public Association “ULGU”
City: Kerben
Project title: Development of organic farming communities as a basis of poverty reduction of the rural population

Issues short description:

The project provides an integrated approach to the solution of socio-economic and ecological problems of the population of rural areas. Within the framework of the project, the creation of 12 biofarmers' communities is planned, uniting more than 96 poor, small, unprofitable family farm, alongside activities on interdependency aspects of biological agriculture, ecosanitation, water and energy. These 12 biofamers' communities are targeted to get maximum economical profits with a minimum of negative impact on the environment.

For obtaining the project objectives three demonstration farms will be created where the following activities will be organised:

  • Sanitation: Training of leaders and members of biofarmers' communities, consultations and demonstrations on safe sanitation and water usage
  • Agriculture: Demonstrations on methods of organic agriculture, combined with trainings for local pupils, their parents and teachers
  • Energy: demonstration projects on energy saving and renewable energy
  • Consultations to biofarmers and all other interedested people on organic agriculture.
  • Demonstrations on methods of organic agriculture to the rural population itself, by thematic-dramatized conerts by the ULGU Tangshyit group, a publication of Ecosan on the pages of Biofarmer magazine and a festival for rural youth propagating the advantages of biofarming, ecosanitation and energy saving.

ULGU contributes to the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas.The main line of work of ULGA consists of sustainable development of agriculture through introduction of organic farming. The promotion of women and youth development and the prevention of AIDS.

Organisation: Civic Environmental Foundation UNISON

City: Bishkek
Project title: Empower Local Community for Rural Development - ELCO

Issues & short description:

  • Sanitation: Construction of one school toilet
  • Energy: implementing energy saving measures at a school
  • Capacity building by setting up eco-team, working with local NGO

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