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Empowerment & Local Action (ELA) Ukraine

Building the capacity of poor local communities in rural areas in the Ukraine


Countries: Ukraine
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza), The Netherlands
Partners: Regional Public Ecological Organization “Vozrojdenye” (“Revival”) of Tatarbunary
Issues: Energy & Climate, Water & Sanitation
Duration: 01/2008 - 12/2010

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Project proposals

Organisation: Regional Public Ecological Organization “Vozrojdenye” (“Revival”) of Tatarbunary
City: Tatarbunary
Project title: New world-outlook is a new quality of life

Issues & short description:

  • Sanitation: implementation of sanitary facilities such as ecological sanitation toilets and hand washing facilities, awareness raising
  • Water: ensuring the creation of a sanitary zone around the only drinking water source in the region, lobbying the government to re-connect Lake Sassyk to the Black Sea and to provide villages with drinking water
  • Agriculture: implementing composting activities and awareness raising

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