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Country: Ukraine
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Ecoclub, registered in 1998, is a non-profit ecological NGO based in the city of Rivne, Ukraine. The aim of our NGO is to strengthen the role of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy in policy and education. Infroming the public about the dangers of nuclear power. Working towards increasing energy security, reducing greenhouse emissions and eradicating fuel poverty in Ukraine.

Ecoclubs main activites are:

Conducting an energy advice centre, where local people are infomed about simple, low cost EE methods that can very easily be achieved.
Carrying out international workcamps where volunteers from all over the world come to Ukraine to help insulate the windows of a local school, helping to save both money and energy.
Organising round tables with local authorities, the media and the local board of education. Showing how energy efficiency techniques can be achieved and increasing their attractiveness on a state funded level.

Distributing publications about different EE methods and information about the dangers of nuclear energy.
Street actions with the aim of rasing awareness about the dangers of an uncontrolled spread of unsafe nuclear energy.