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Rural Renaissance

Strengthening and development of sustainable local communities

Country: Moldova
City: Tohatin vg. Chisinau mun
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NGO "Rural Renaissance" in Moldova was established in 2009 luna mai, with headquarters located in the village Tohatin, comuna Tohatin, Chisinau. The association's mission is to contribute to community development and support strengthening civil community through the economic aspects, social, cultural and ecological starting from the rural, advancing at district level and finished everything including Moldova and n the left side of the Nistru. Based on sustainable actions, Quality, financially sustainable, human and institutional, thus contributing to raising living standards and underprivileged sections of society. And promoting sustainable development of the community, the development of social activism and initiative of citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

A more specific activity of public association "Rural Renaissance" is promoting and implementing projects in the alternative energy sources.