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Country: Ukraine
Issues: ecologization, drinking water, chemical security
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All-Ukrainian Environmental Non-Governmental Organisation “MAMA-86” is a wide network of environmental non-governmental organisations. It was registered in January 2001 with the national status and currently unites 17 organisations from various regions from the Ukraine.

The activities of “MAMA-86” are aimed at creating conditions for transition of Ukraine to sustainable development with a special focus on addressing complex environmental challenges in the context of a transition economy and the enhanced role of the public in these processes. “МАМА-86” is engaged in active educational activities among the general public, which focus particularly on women through information collection and dissemination, on-going training as well as public and inter-sectoral debates, lobbying of government decisions in the interests of citizens. A special emphasis is placed on empowerment of women, children and youth, reinforcement of NGOs' role in considering such factors as environment/health protection and civil society rights in the course of developing Government plans, programs and policies. To meet this objective, networking of related national and international information/education-oriented organizations is actively promoted, practice of public participation in decision-making is multiplied and grass root environment and health initiatives of female leaders are supported.

The history of All-Ukrainian Environmental NGOs was triggered by “МАМА-86-KYIV”. In 1990, at the initiative of young mothers concerned about the post-Chernobyl accident problems and their impact on children's health, a pro-active group was set up and registered as Kyiv city public organisation in 1991.

Mama-86 is active in many Ukrainian towns and cities:

  • Mama-86 Artemirsk
  • Mama-86 Feodosia
  • Mama-86 Kharkov
  • Mama-86 Kiev
  • Mama-86 Luginu
  • Mama-86 Mariupol
  • Mama-86 Odessa
  • Mama-86 Odessa
  • Mama-86 Poltava
  • Mama-86 Sevastopel
  • Mama-86 Yaremche