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Women's Environmental Network

A unique, vital and innovative campaigning organisation in the United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom
City: London E2 7EY
Address: Ground Floor, 20 Club Row
Issues: food, climate change, waste
Home page:


Women’s Environmental Network is the only organisation in the UK working consistently for women and the environment.  Central to our approach is the belief that women have the right to information to enable them to make fair choices. For more than two decades we have had a track record of being the first to raise awareness on issues, especially those concerning women’s health and reproductive systems.

The Women’s Environmental Network’s mission is to make the connections between women’s health and well-being and environmental issues. WEN works directly with women in the UK, providing information, training and workshops on matters of local food growing, health, and climate change, to encourage and inspire women to make change in their lives, families and wider networks. WEN’s vision is an environmentally sustainable world in which we have achieved gender equality.