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Paris Appeal: WECF calls for signing this declaration

Declaration on the link between cancer and environmental pollution presented during conference "Cancer, Environment and Society"

23.05.2004 |Sascha Gabizon

Leading Scientists from Europe and the US presented latest research on the link between cancer and environmental pollution during the conference "Cancer, Environment and Society". Professor Belpomme of the French Academy of Sciences said "after 40 years of research we have identified hundred's of carcenogenic chemicals, why are they still in every day use? We ask our governments to finally take action". The scientists and other leading persons such as the former minister of environment of France Corinne Lepage, signed the ensuing declaration, the "Paris Appeal".

Action: please sign the Paris Appeal online. The campaign in Germany can be found under the name Bundgegengift.

WECF director Sascha Gabizon gave a presentation during this 1 day of the conference "Cancer, Environment and Society". Sascha Gabizon noted that with the current revision of the EU chemicals policy it is a crucial time for women to take action and make our voices heard. In our experience, once women know more about the health effects of daily-use chemicals on vulnerable groups like children, two things happen, they start buying healthier products within their economic possibilities of course, and many become active supporters for stricter regulations.

Download the Speech.

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Here you can download the following:

The Paris Appeal in english (doc.)

The Paris Appeal in french (doc.)
The List of Signatories (doc.)