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Hungarian Women's Chemicals and Health Day

WECF organises training and media action with Hungarian Women's Organisations on the dangers of chemicals in daily-life products such as cosmetics and children's toys

05.07.2004 |Sylvia Altamira

Media Event covered by Hungarian's main TV-news chanel

WECF organised together with Hungary's "Large Families Association" and "Clean Air Action" a training day for Hungarian Women's Organisations on hazardous chemicals in daily life. 50 participants took part in the full day event on Saturday 26th of June. It was an interactive training day with a mixture of presentations and workshops. The powerpoint presentations can be downloaded below. The training day was made possible thanks to support of the EEB and Rousing Trust,

PPT Presentation by Patricia Cameron, BUND "What's the problem" (3.5 Mb)
PPT Presentation Erzsebet Belictay, CAA, "Healthy Homes"
PPT Presentation Catherine Wattiez, PAN, "Food & Chemicals" (60 KB)
PPT Presentation Dr. Lilian Corra, ISDE Argentina, "Health Effects" (2.1 MB)
PPT Presentation Sonja Haider, WECF Germany, "Women's Health Effects" (620 KB)
PPT Presentation Helen Lynn, WEN UK, "Campaings" (3.8 MB)
PPT Presentation Gergly Simon, CAA, "Lobbying in Hungary" (1.5 MB)
PPT Presentation Anja Leetz, Chemical Reaction/EEB, "Lobbying in Brussels" (3.4. MB)