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Awards highlight eco-tech measures that can save children’s lives

3 WECF Partners and 1 WECF Member were among the top 15 winners to showcase their projects at the Vienna Health and Environment Inter-ministerial Conference

16.07.2007 |WECF Press Release

Vienna, Wednesday 13 June 2007 – Fifteen top contestants demonstrated what a combination of simple technologies and community organisation can do to protect the environment for the sake of children’s health. The prizes were presented during an inter-governmental meeting in Vienna convened to assess progress in Children’s Environment and Health Action Plans for Europe, known as CEHAPE.

WECF was a partner to all three winners of these CEHAPE “Best Practice Awards” in the Water and Sanitation category. Partners included Women for a Clean Future (FVC-Romania), Earth Forever Foundation (Bulgaria), and Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy Environment (AWHHE-Armenia). Each of the projects focused on the development of eco sanitation methods in the local communities, and public awareness about water and sanitation. In addition, the Georgian Association for Biological and Medical Institute, a member of WECF, was also a winner in the RPG 4 (Chemicals) category, for their project on bio-monitoring and awareness raising of leaded gasoline and its impact on human health, particularly for children.

Women for a Clean Environment (Romania):
Improved sanitation for children in Gala Mare
Earth Forever Foundation (Bulgaria)
Clean school toilets are not a luxury, it is a human right!
Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy Environment (Armenia)
Ecological  Sanitation in Rural Armenia

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