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Notification from EEA - Belgrade

A text in Russian from the European Environment Agency.

25.09.2007 |Sascha Gabizon

Dear all,

We hope you have already received the printed English version of the Belgrade report (the Fourth Assessment) as we notified you in our e-mail of 29 of June 2007. The report will be officially launched on the first day of the conference, 10 October, so until this time the report is officially embargoed and therefore should not be further disseminated.

We now have the pleasure to inform you that the edited Russian version of the report has been finalised and has gone to printing.  We expect that you will receive the printed version in Russian during October. In order to give you enough time to read the document in the Russian language before the conference, we have made this version available on the Circa Belgrade Interest Group here.
The Executive Summary of the report is also available for your preparation in all EEA languages (and Russian) and will be mailed to you early October (see here).

We also want to inform you about the EEA activities to take place during the Belgrade conference. If you are attending the conference you are warmly invited to attend them.

The Belgrade notification in Russian.