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WAVE Report 2007 Available

Women as the voice for the right to a healthy environment

23.11.2007 |Jasmine Osorio

Approximately 150 participants from 30 different countries in the PAN-European region came together in Belgrade, Serbia for the WAVE (Women as the Voice for the Environment) Events (WAVE Lunch, 10 Oct. and WAVE Conference, 13 Oct.). The delegates gathered to discuss the right to a healthy environment, hear testimonies on environmental rights breaches in the region, and share examples of success, including new projects and mobilizing campaign strategies.

Read about the events and outcomes in the Belgrade WAVE 2007 Report.

Available Presentations from the WAVE Events:

WAVE Belgrade Declaration
During the conference, delegates debated a draft Declaration (“Women as the Voice for the Right to a Healthy Environment”), which called for the right to a healthy environment on specific issues including biodiversity, safe water and sanitation, safe and affordable energy, safe chemicals in everyday products and the right to information, participation and justice. The adopted text can be found here (RU).

WAVE Background
Women‘s participation and experience are central to environmental management and sustainable development. Recognizing this, UNEP brought women‘s voices to the forefront of the environmental agenda in a landmark event, the Global Women’s Assembly on Environment, “Women As the Voice of the Environment” (WAVE), which took place in Nairobi, Kenya, October 2004. Exactly three years later, WECF together with Environmental Ambassadors (EA) and UNEP, collaborated for the follow-up to that 2004 meeting, with the overarching theme of the right to a healthy environment and women’s role herein.

More information about WAVE can be found here.