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Meeting of the Task Force on Indicators and Reporting to the Protocol on Water and Health

The First meeting of the Task Force on Indicators and Reporting to the Protocol on water and Health took place on 1314 March 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

14.03.2008 |Anna Tsvetskova

The Task Force on Indicators and Reporting was established by the first Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health (Geneva, 1719 January 2007) with a mandate linked to compliance with articles 6 (Targets and target dates) and 7 (Review and assessment of progress).

The main objective of the Task Force is to provide guidance to Parties and to promote exchange of experience and harmonization in the region. To this aim,
the Task Force is working on draft guidelines for the setting of targets and target dates, as well as draft guidelines for reporting in accordance with article 7, for adoption by the Parties at their second meeting.

The official representatives of 19 Parties and Signatories to the Protocol (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Chroatia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey Ukraine, Uzbekistan) took part in the meeting as well as the representatives of European Bureau of WHO, the Compliance Committee, ECO-Forum, the private sector and others interested stakeholders. Switzerland is the lead country for this activity and chaired the meeting.

In preparation to the meeting the joint secretariat has requested Parties and Signatories to fill in a short questionnaire. The Meeting documents are available.

The full report can be found here.