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Director WECF Germany presents nesting project (videospeech)

Videospeech of Sonja Haider on WECF's nesting project at symposium Utopia, the German website for sustainable living

18.07.2008 |Chantal van den Bossche

“Healthy products are the best that parents can do for their baby”, emphasises Sonja Haider, WECF Director, chemical expert and initiator of the Project Nesting website

Listen to and watch the videospeech

“More and more studies show how sensitive babies are to toxic chemicals and environmental impacts, especially during the first months of their life. It is here that parents can create the foundation for a healthy immune system by selecting the right products and adapting their behaviour to the health requirements of the child. Preventing illnesses and dangers, this is where helps with the choice of products and behaviour.

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