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WECF issues annual report and publishes new flyer

2007, a year of continuing growth and development for WECF

11.09.2008 |Chantal van den Bossche

The year 2007 has been a year of continuing growth and development for WECF. The organisation received again support for its core activities from the EU Commission, directorate General Environment after an interval of one year. This interval enabled WECF to strenghten its activities and network in the EU region.

WECF's new annual report gives you an insight into the diversity of work that WECF as a network organisation is involved in. Thanks to increasing support many new projects could be started with partners in Easter Europe and the EECCA countries. WECF worked in 2007 with 34 partners in 10 EECCA countries and with 16 partners in 12 EU countries, demonstrating sustainable solutions to environment related health problems.

Together with the new Activity Report WECF published a brand new flyer focusing, in five different languages, French, Russian, English, Dutch and German, and through interviews with partners and members on her dreams and drives, her issues and on her vision and goals.