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First urine diverting toilets out of the oven in Georgia

First ceramic Urine Diverting toilets in the EECCA region are ready

12.09.2008 |Margriet Samwel

On Monday, 11 August 2008, the first 11 ceramic Urine Diverting Dry toilet seats were produced in Tbilisi, Georgia. They were designed according to the model from the Centro de Innovacion en Technologia Alternativa, Mexico, which is used in most WECF projects.

The ceramic urine diverting (UD) toilet production has become possible due to joint efforts of WECF and staff of the local NGO RCDA, and the group of technicians and designers of the Joint Stock Company Kasharaul in the frame of the project "Empowerment by Local Action" of the MFS program. The Project receives financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Afairs.

The first ceramic urine diverting seats  will be installed in the communities where the Georgian WECF partners are working. Within the next couple of weeks, the ceramic toilets will be available for all WECF partners. WECF has already ordered 120 toilets that are available at a price of 110 Lari (50 Euro).  The production of these ceramic urine diverting toilets is a great step forwards to sustainable and affordable sanitation in the EECCA region.

For orders and more information contact Rostom Gamizonia, RCDA rcdsa1 @, +99593171772, +99599548292

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