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"Contaminés dès les biberons" - article on WECF's work on chemicals in L'Express Magazine

Contamination from within the bottle and from other baby toys

18.09.2008 |L'Express, Vincent Olivier

Children are in contact with many chemical residues. But nobody seems to care about the dangers of those chemicals in the long run, states L'Express in this article "Contaminés dès les biberons", in which Mrs Anne Barre, Director of WECF France, is being interviewed.

WECF wants to clarify Mrs Anne Barre’s exact wording: she mentioned that the CE marking can be misleading, because it looks like a safety guarantee, but the toys bearing it have not necessarily been tested by an independent institution. (because there is no legal obligation in the directive). She never mentioned labels like “hypoallergenic” or “clinically tested", this is an extrapolation made by the interviewer .

WECF tient à préciser les paroles exactes de Mme Anne Barre : le marquage CE ne garantit pas que le jouet marqué a été testé par un organisme indépendant, car il n’y a pas d’obligation légale. Ce marquage peut donc induire le consommateur en erreur. Pour ce qui est des mentions « hypoallergénique » ou « testé cliniquement », il s’agit là d’une extrapolation du journaliste.

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