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Invitation to WECF Lunch event at European Parliament: A safe environment for our children

WECF organizes Expert Dialogue on new scientific insights in children’s developmental disorders caused by low dose exposures to common chemicals.

03.10.2008 |Chantal van den Bossche

Due to their small body weight and fast metabolism children are more susceptible to harmful substances than adults. WECF organizes Expert Dialogue on new scientific insights in children’s developmental disorders caused by low dose exposures to common chemicals.

A number of new legislative proposals and new legislations  will be revised in the near future, such as on toys, cosmetics, pesticides and REACH, therefore Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) and Member of the European Parliament Dorette Corbey have planned an expert meeting during lunch time at Tuesday October 7, 2008, at 12.30 in Room A5 G305 of the ASP Building in the European Parliament in Brussels

WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future - organizes expert dialogue in European Parliament on new insights in developmental disorders on Tuesday October 7, 2008

The meeting aims to inform MEP’s on the latest new insights in developmental disorders from low dose exposures to common chemicals, by top medical experts who will be able to enter into a direct dialogue with the members of the European parliament. Speakers will be:

  • Professor Philippe Grandjean, University of Southern Denmark, Department of Environmental Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health “Developmental effects of low dose of pesticides and other chemicals: The need for precautionary interpretation in regard to EU legislation”.
  • Professor Niels E. Skakkebaek, National Medical University, Department of Growth and Reproduction, Copenhagen, Denmark. “Deteriorating reproductive health and low fertility rates: state of knowledge and need for precaution”.

This will be followed by a discussion  on the consequences of new scientificc insights for relevant EU policies (REACH candidate list, Pesticides, Toys Safety and Cosmetics Directive).Directly after the presentations we will discuss how better protection of the developing child could be translated into concrete improvements of EU legislation, in particular the REACH candidate list and the Directives on Toys Safety, Cosmetics and Pesticides.

Please find attached the programme

WECF – Women in Europe for a Common Future - is an international network of organisations that takes action on behalf of women in the areas of health, environment and poverty elimination. One of the most important aspects of WECF´s work is raising awareness about toxic chemicals in our daily lives. Unfortunately, the public interest in this issue has yet to be awakened. WECF works for a healthy environment for all, and supports the Johannesburg WSSD target of eliminating hazardous chemicals in consumer products.

For more information please contact:

Chantal van den Bossche, Press Officer +31-6 2812 9992, chantal.vandenbossche @

Women in Europe, +31 30 2310300,,

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