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Five minutes for the Black Sea: flash mob awareness action by Ukrainian partner WECF

31 October was International Day of the Black Sea; Vozrozhdeniye organised a flash mob on the motorway to Odessa

03.11.2008 |Vozrozhdeniye

On October 31, the International Day of the Black Sea, 60 people - activists from the city of Tatarbunary Sasyk area and surrounding villages, carried out the action «5 minutes for the Black Sea» in the form of a flash mob.

The action took place on the motorway Odessa-Reni. Within 5 minutes, people walked on pedestrian crossings blocking traffic. By standers, drivers and passengers in the cars, received postcards with information about the Day of the Black Sea. In addition, the bus drivers also distributed postcards.

Activists not only wanted to remind people on this International Day of the Black Sea of our long-suffering ecologically destroyed Sasyk bay, but they wanted people from our area and people from other cities to reflect on what we have lost and that losing as a result of our own, often destructive activities. And what will be our future if we do not change their relation with our environment.

The participants reached their goal by involving road users, who became part of the event. Vozrozdeniye hopes that in future, all of whom we contacted will remember the Black Sea and that Sasyk Bay will be restored to its original natural state.

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