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European Union rejects the use of nano particles

WECF sees start of a new critical view of the use of new technologies like nano

07.04.2009 |WECF Press Release (French, German)

At three moment in the past two weeks, several institutions within the European Union, have limited the use of nanoparticles, whose risks have not really studied.
European Parliament voted for the elimination of new food od with tiny nanoparticles from the store until there are good tests which show that nanotechnology is safe for the environment and public health.
The Cosmetics Directive provides in addition to this, specific requirements for admission, safety testing and labeling of nanomaterials in everyday products such as creams and lipstick. This  in fact means an immediate moratorium, since these tests do not exist. Thirdly, the Environment Commission of the European Parliament (ENVI) published a report on the regulation of nanomaterials,  in which it stated that regulating rules for nano at the moment are as useful as using a fishing net to catch plankton.
WECF Press Release in German
WECF Press Release in French

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