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To the 20th Birthday of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

In a changing world, WECF fosters the right to a healthy environment for all and especially for children

26.10.2009 |Olga Artamonova

In a changing world, WECF fosters the right to healthy environment for all and especially for children. In the EECCA region with limited access to water and thus appropriate sanitation, the right of a child to a healthy life is every minute under threat.

According to UNDP (2008) only 77 per cent of people in Kyrgyzstan, 82 per cent in Uzbekistan and 59 per cent in Tajikistan have access to clean water. Accordingly, only 59 per cent in Kyrgyzstan, 67 per cent in Uzbekistan and 51 per cent in Tajikistan enjoy access to sanitation. As a result of such poor water and sanitation supply, dangerous infections and viruses spread quickly among children who are the most vulnerable group in our society. Malaria incidences and diarrhoeal diseases, for example, lead in many cases to tragic consequences, infringing the most basic right of a person – the right to life.

WECF recognises the significance of the Convention on the Rights of the Child , and emphasises the importance of Article 24 (the right of the child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health) for the EECCA region, in particular in its call upon parties to provide clean drinking water. Only international acknowledgement of the rights of a child offers wide cooperation opportunities for the work towards a healthy environment and thus for reducing child mortality rates.

WECF congratulates the Convention to its 20th Anniversary and wishes much enthusiasm, courage and success to all supporters of childrens’ rights!

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