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Nizhyn pupils no longer run to the toilet on the street!

A new indoor toilet was opened on the eve of World Water Day in Nizhyn 19 March 2010. 42 pupils and teachers queued up for the longest line in the word - to the toilet!

26.03.2010 |Mama '86, Ukraine

Pupils at the Nizhyn school washing their hands

A new indoor toilet was opened on the eve of World Water Day in Nizhyn school №5 at Vozdvizhenskaya Street 72 on 19 March 2010. As part of this event an action “The longest line in the world — to the toilet!” took place, which was attended by 42 pupils and teachers of school № 5, representatives of the local authorities, community, project partners and guests.

By WECF Partner Mama '86

The toilet was constructed in the frame of NGO “MAMA-86” project supported by French Fund “Fondation Ensemble” in partnership with  “Women in Europe for a Common Future”.  “Realization of the idea of warm toilet construction for children of Nizhyn school was managed through cooperation between authorities and community and financial support from abroad. For two years many people worked hard, but concern for the health of our children is worth the effort!” — said Valentina Shchokina, Head of “MAMA-86-Nizhyn”.

“Today, 18% (3572) of Ukrainian schools are not connected to the centralized drinking water supply, but problem of school’s canalization is particularly acute. 8529 (43%!) schools were not connected to the sewer and used the pit latrines or septic tanks in 2009. Outdoor school toilets — is the problem of children neglected by adults. By opening today a warm comfortable toilet, we join the Global Campaign “The longest line in the world” in order to bring attention of authorities to the problem in Ukraine. Solving the problem of provision of warm toilets in public schools must be a state priority!” — said Anna Tsvietkova, WSSCC national coordinator and “Water and Sanitation” Program coordinator, NGO “MAMA-86”.

“Due to two years hard and sometimes persistent work of non-governmental women organization in Nizhyn city new ecosanitation technology was introduces. Comfortable, perfectly made, hygienic toilet facilities will not only improve the sanitation conditions of pupils, this toilet will contribute to the aesthetic and cultural education of children” — said at the opening of the toilet Valery Sologub, Deputy Mayor.

“The name of the project, in the frame of which warm toilet was built in Nizhyn school, is “Safe Sanitation, Health and Dignity.” It is understandable why mothers took up this cause, because they worry about health of their children. This project has attracted attention not only to the issue of provision kids with toilet, but that from adequate sanitary conditions for children begins their health, especially reproductive, and based on this human dignity is formed!” — said in her speech Nadezhda Ponomarenko, Deputy Chief of the Department of Education, Nizhyn.

Global Action “Longest in the world queue to the toilet” or “Queue for a Change!” was held on March 20–22 at the initiative of three international organizations: FAN, the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council — WSSCC and End Water Poverty that are dealing with problems of provision of population by water and sanitation.

In 21 century the world still has not solved the problem of ensuring all people on the planet by safe drinking water and sanitation. According to data for 2008, the world’s 2.5 billion people lack improved sanitation facilities, of which over 1.2 billion lack even basic sanitation. Because of unsafe drinking water or lack of sanitation in the world 4 thousands children aged up to 5 years die every day.

In Ukraine 70% of the population has access to centralized water supply. (National Program “Drinking Water of Ukraine for 2006–2020”). 100% (458) cities, 86.7% (768 of 886) towns, and 22.1% (6305 of 28 540) villages are provided by centralized water supply services. 95.9% (439) cities, 55.9% (495 of 886) towns, and 2.6% (744 of 28 540) villages have centralized sewage collection and treatment. (“The outcome of the Work of the Housing for 2007” — Ministry of Housing of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2008).

For more information contact:

Anna Tsvietkova, WSSCC NC in Ukraine, “Water and Sanitation” Programme Coordinator NGO “MAMA-86”,  (044) 456-13-38.

Shchokina Valentina, Head of “MAMA-86-Nizhyn”,  (04631) 5-43-85.
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Nizhyn pupils no longer run to the toilet on the street!
A new indoor toilet was opened on the eve of World Water Day in Nizhyn 19 March 2010. 42 pupils and teachers queued up for the longest line in the word - to the toilet!
26.03.2010 | Mama '86, Ukraine

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