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Nominations for International Environmental Governance process UNEP

Nomination forms for members of th Major Group and Stakeholder Advisory Group on UNEP's high level International Environmental Governance process (IEG)

08.07.2010 |Sascha Gabizon

Please find enclosed the nomination forms for members of the Major Group and Stakeholder Advisory Group on UNEP's high level International Environmental Governance (IEG) process.

The executive director of UNEP, Achim Steiner, has received input by letter from Major Groups last week and has responded that he thanks us, and looks forward to the names of people who have been elected by the Major Group Facilitating Committee, which is currently chaired by Sascha Gabizon of WECF.

There will not be much money available for the work and travel of members of this Advisory Group. People who are nominated need to have some experience and interest in United Nations systems and preferably also on other International Agencies, such as World Bank or so.

Nominations need to be received by August, with a nominees motiviation letter.

If you are interested in this process of International Environmental Governance, and the preparations of the upcoming Earth Summit 2012 "Rio+20", please let us know so we can add you to our listserve (English). You can find more information on our website, see

WECF is looking forward to any nominations from your side.

Nomination Form

Terms of Reference

Mr. Steiner's response
to WECF's letter on the IEG CG Meeting.

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