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New documentary on how chemicals influence our life

Swedish movie director, Stefan Jarl, had made a new documentary “SUBMISSION” which premier was in April, in Sweden. It was shown at the CSD18 in New York in May and also recently in Stockholm at the Mercury INC1. The movie treats about chemical industry and chemical society built by all of us after the Second World War

06.08.2010 |New documentary by Stefan Jarl

Stefan Jarl made a movie on how humans manipulate the nature called “Nature’s Revenge” about 30 years ago and since then he has been thinking about making its second part. This year his new movie “SUBMISSION” was published to the public.

“SUMISSION…” treats about the chemical industry and its influence on human beings and all nature. As we use 100,000 chemicals every day, Stefan Jarl wanted to show how we use it, for what do we use it and what impact does it have on us. He examinated his blood to find out what kind of chemicals are inside his body. The result was overwhelming. Stefan Jarl was supported by Professor Åke Bergman from Stockholm University that played a role of his guide throughout the movie. A wide range of international scientist from United States, Canada and Europe consulted the movie. They helped in seeking for the answers about what problems chemicals can cause. These world’s foremost experts explain to the public what kind of effects and risks connected to chemicals in our life and bodies are already known, about the cocktail effect, hormone disruptors and much more.

To read an interview with Stefan Jarl visit
To see a trailer of “SUBMISSION” visit

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