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TVE and BBC World News made movie on asbestos.

The television documentary on asbestos produced by TVE and BBC World News went out on 24th and 25th of July. A radio documentary on the same topic narrated by Steve Bradshaw had its broadcast on BBC World Service too.

02.08.2010 |TVE and BBC World News

Millions of people all over the World are surrounded by white asbestos- the only kind used right now. It is commercially used in many countries, i.e. Russia, India, China, however what is interesting, it is mined in Quebec, Canada but not used in this country. Using this cheap building material is banned in around 52 countries in due to the fact that any form of asbestos can cause devastating illnesses but it is still being mined. Scientists and WHO states that continued use of asbestos can cause a prolongation of global epidemic of asbestos-related illnesses.

White asbestos is recognized by WHO as a cause of human cancer and International Labour Organization (ILO) counts that 100,000 workers suffer and die every year from all asbestos-related diseases.

Despite of our knowledge about danger that can be caused by any kind of asbestos, its industry develops. Demand for cheap and efficient building materials, especially in developing countries, is very high and asbestos seems to be perfect material to fulfill the market needs. The asbestos lobby works hard to influence worldwide market. Even though asbestos is already banned in European Union, with minor exemptions, it is still legal in United States. It spends millions of U.S. dollars to support asbestos sales in countries like Canada, India or Brazil. 

Fortunately, new evidence of how toxic asbestos is, are known now. Scientist and anti-asbestos movements are trying to cause the change in asbestos market.

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