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Risk of breast cancer

Recent research suggests that the risk of breast cancer is higher among women who try to keep their houses clean and fragrant. Usage of fresheners, mould removers and cleaning products is linked to appearance of breast cancer.

02.08.2010 |Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Massachusetts, USA

As it is suggested in the recent research, women who use of cleaners the most can double the risk of breast cancer. Air fresheners and mould and mildew removers are found to have the biggest link to barest cancer among women.

The research was made on a basis of telephone interviews with 787 women suffering from breast cancer and 721 healthy women. Their age was from 60 to 80 years old. It was made in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States. They were asked about their daily use of cleaning products and pesticides. All women were split into four groups in basis of how much cleaning products they use. Than cancer rates for different groups of women were compared. Dr Julia Brody from Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Massachusetts, United States, that was a study leader stated that women that reported the highest level of cleaning products’ usage had a double risk of breast cancer in comparison to women who reported the lowest usage of those products. Especially air fresheners, mould products and mildew control products had the strongest link to increase of breast cancer risk.

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