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Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 introduced in U.S. Congress

The Story of Stuff Project has introduced a new initiative on safe cosmetics. As all of us use them, it is important to have them safe. This projects is fighting for safe cosmetics for all by mobilizing people to support new Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 introduced in U.S. Congress

02.08.2010 |The Story of Stuff

No one can live without cosmetics, personal care products, however only few of us realize how dangerous some of them can be. They can contain toxic chemicals-ingredients connected to cancer, reproductive harm, learning disabilities, and asthma.  There is a way to be safe and keep on using cosmetics- it is to use safe cosmetics. As an average person puts 12 of those products on one’s skin, it is a must to take care of them being safe.

One can try to buy safer products but what really counts is happening on governmental level where decisions to allow those products to be on sale are done.

Current law existing in U.S. was created in 1938 and it allows industry to make decisions about product safety. It means that FDA is not able to require anything from the companies right now. Fortunately, three members of U.S. Congress introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. This act would fill in the gaps in federal regulation on personal care products. It would phase on the most dangerous chemicals and require companies to be transparent about their products and their ingredients. However, what is not surprising, the $ 50 billion cosmetic industry is trying to defeat real reform and they propose their won meaningless alternatives. In this situation, only a big mobilization from across the political spectrum can make new legislation come true.

You can also support the action by adding your voice to call for reform at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website. You can do it even if you are not U.S. resident because those cosmetics could be used by you as well.

More information about this action is availed on

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