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WECF International Advisory Board

WECF has a new International Advisory Board made up of key international people from the WECF network

20.09.2010 |

The voting procedure for the new IAB members has taken place before the International Advisory Board meeting, which took place in Tatarbanury, Odessa region on September 16 and 17, 2010. Ten new members were chosen by the network member of WECF.

Before the meeting 28 candidates had been proposed by WECF members, coming from different regions and with diverse backgrounds. WECF members elected the following 10 persons to the IAB:
•    Anna Tsvietkova (Mama-86, Ukraine)
•    Elena Manvelyan (AWHHE, Armenia)
•    Mihaela Vasilescu (Medium et Sanitas, Romania)
•    Rostom Gamisonia (RCDA, Georgia)
•    Diana Iskreva (Earth Forever, Bulgaria)
•    Svitlana Slesarenok (Black Sea Women Club, Ukraine)
•    Helen Lynn (H&E Consultant, UK)
•    Nadeshda Kutepova (Planet of Hopes, Russia)
•    Kaisha Atakhanova (Eco Center, Kazakhstan)
•    Therese van Gijn (Zij-Aktief, The Netherlands)

The International Advisory Board advices the organisation on the main directions of its work, the thematic areas and regional issues, and approves member applications.It represents the member organisations of WECF, and works in an advisory capacity on strategic issues affecting the member organisations and regions. It also approves the admission of new member organisations and the use of membership contributions by the member organisations. The former IAB Members were elected in October 2007 during a two day network meeting in Belgrade, in which 100 network members participated.

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