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Uranium Film festival to be held in May 2011 in Rio de Janeiro

Stop Nuclear Power building and stop uranium mining in Brazil

18.10.2010 |Uranio em Movi(e)mento

Brazil has one uranium mine in Bahia, it is now investing in its second uranium mine in Ceará. It plans more uranium prospecting and more mines in the Brazilian Amazon. Brazil is building its 3rd nuclear power plant South of Rio de Janeiro and wants to build 2 or 3 more nuclear power plants in the northeast.

With the help of France Brazil is constructing Latin Americas first nuclear submarine. Beside of that the Brazilian Government Lula signed nuclear partnership treaties with Argentina, South Africa and India and is influencing heavily the Portuguese speaking African countries like Angola and Mozambique. Until today the Brazilian and South American societies do not discuss that "Nuclear Road Map" of Brazil. We want to change that. So we created the 1st International Uranium Film Festival (Uranio em Movi(e)mento) in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which later will travel to the Northeast and to Portugal also.

The festival wants to show documentaries and movies form around the world about the nuclear risk - Atomic Bombs, Nuclear Power Plants, Uranium Mining, Nuclear and Radioactive Waste, Radiation of Food... - because until today the Brazilians, Latin Americans and Portuguese speaking populations around the world are not properly informed about the dangers of nuclear energy and uranium.

The Festival will happen end of May 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, June in Sao Paulo, in August in some Cities of the Northeast and later in Portugal. But we still need some support. We need your symbolic support and some substantial financial support.

For example: Most of the anti-nuclear documentaries and movies are not in Portuguese or in Spanish. So they have to be translated and professionally subtitled, which is pretty costly. Visit the website below for more information on this topic.

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