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Humanitarian Project in Prislop, Romania - Support is still needed!

Donations welcome for ' from Help to Self-Help'

30.11.2010 |Margriet Samwel

Again materials for leaking roofs were provided to 10 families. Thanks to donations from private donors and Friends in Germany and the Netherlands, WECF and the local Romanian partner were able to buy materials for repairing 10 leaking roofs in the poor Roma settlement Prislop.

German and Dutch donations intended for repairing leaking roofs of the housing of poor families in Prislop worth 2000 Euro were collected.
This action was a continuation of the roofing program, which started in the year 2008.
During the 3 years of the roofing program WECF received donation enabling to provide 35 families the materials needed to tighten their leaking roofs.

WECF, our local partner and the beneficing families like to express a great gratitude to the donors. WECF likes also to thank the local Romanian coordinator, Anca Dancanet for her efforts and organising all the actions in a professional manner. Without all the donations and the local efforts these 37 families still had to live with leakages in their living/sleeping rooms and collect rainwater with beakers, buckets and plastic sheets everywhere in their rooms.

Since 2008, 37 most-poor families with leaking roofs received sheets
Our local coordinator carefully selected the beneficiaries in Prislop, she bought the roofing materials and organised the donations to the families. Independent from the size of the house, every selected family received 20 sheets, 5 roof-top covers, 200 special nails for fixing the sheets, and have to organise the renovation of the roofs them self.

In most of the selected families were children living. However this year also an alone-living old lady struggling with diabetes was among the beneficiary. She cried and said never in her life somebody gave her something for free. Two young families who are ongoing to build their houses received 20 roofing sheets.
Now the 37 most-poor families with leaking roofs received sheets to tighten their roofs at least above the living place. To avoid that the inhabitants of Prislop will not invest any more in their roofs, while yearly materials will be donated by organisations from abroad, only exceptions will be made for donations of roofing materials in the coming years.

Support is still needed

For several reasons the possibilities of an employment for adult women in Prislop are very restricted. Up to the year 2009 the neighbour town Sibiu was appointed to the Unesco European Culture Town, the people of Prislop were selling their hand-made brooms mainly in Sibiu. They went by feet with the brooms on their shoulders from house to house and from street to street and earned some money. However, now a days it is the Prislop people not allowed going with their brooms in streets of Sibiu, resulting in still more poverty.

A course on so-called “Creative Recycling” could help the women to earn some income. In this course a Dutch expert on creative Recycling will teach interested women how to make from old paper nice and colourful post carts which can be sold to shops in Sibiu or other places in Romania and abroad. In this 5- day course financial and management aspects will be issued. Further for a legal selling of the produced carts a co-operation or association of the Prislop women will be established. In previous projects good experiences were made on Creative Recycling, e-g in Belarus:

For this action “Help to Self-Help” a minimum of  6000 Euro is needed, donations are more than welcome. The overall coordination of this project will be by carried out by WECF; the local coordination by our Romanian partner Anca Dancanet.

Donations will be used for:
5-day training by the expert (fee, travel costs and accommodation)
Materials needed for the first start of producing carts
Establishment of legal base for the Prislop women for selling the carts
Local travel costs

Contact for this project: Margriet Samwel,

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Humanitarian Project in Prislop, Romania - Support is still needed!
Donations welcome for ' from Help to Self-Help'
30.11.2010 | Margriet Samwel