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WECF in Cancun: position statement on Women & Climate Change

CANCUN COP 16 UNFCCC - November 2010

30.11.2010 |Marine Franck

Now that the talks are restore to good health, we need Cancun to be a success, we need a positive outcome so we expect Parties to take a number of key decisions at this meeting. We encourage Parties to cooperate and take the fundamental steps, in Cancun to face the many challenges that climate change poses to humanity.

The objective is to secure progress on all issues under negotiation, encompassing all building blocks of the Bali Action Plan in a balanced and comprehensive manner, while making arrangements to enable further work on some elements to continue next year as needed. Parties shall resolve outstanding difficult issues. The twelfth session in Tianjin revealed that a balanced package can be achieved at Cancun and that the contours of a comprehensive, although not exhaustive, package are emerging.. The question now is what this package should contain.

It is time to come with commitments based on concrete legislative and administrative steps nationally in order to demonstrate their willingness to lead internationally.  It is time to commit without reservation to taking on legally-binding emission reduction targets that match scientific findings. They also should commit to putting in place long-term national action plans for rapidly developing a zero carbon economy.

We now need parties to confirm that enhanced action on adaptation should be undertaken, follow a country-driven, gender-sensitive, participatory and fully transparent approach, taking into consideration vulnerable groups, communities and ecosystems; and be based on and guided by the best available science and, as appropriate, traditional knowledge; with a view to integrating adaptation into relevant social, economic and environmental policies and actions, where appropriate.

Capacity-building is essential and women have a great potential of becoming key actors to combat climate change, with a proper capacity building. Capacity building also enables developing countries to participate fully in addressing the climate change challenges, and to implement effectively their commitments under the Convention.

We call for the launch of a fair global climate fund at COP 16. Financing for poorer nations is pivotal for making the climate deal work: apart from US$30 billion pledge for funding up to 2012, developed country governments need to show how they will honor their Copenhagen commitment of US$100 billion by 2020.

We expect parties to clarify how they will ensure that national action and funding plans are measurable, reportable, and verifiable (MRV). Governments are demanding information on what other countries have achieved, but are not matching these requests with their own assurances of international accountability.

Parties need to agree how they will ensure that the Cancun negotiations lead to a legally binding agreement under the UNFCCC that comes into force by 2012. It is now that a decision needs to be taken on the future negotiation process and to find a way forward, including securing a future for the Kyoto Protocol.
Parties need to take this opportunity to put a firm time frame into place for reaching a meaningful legally-binding climate agreement under the UNFCCC by end of 2011 in South Africa. They should give primary consideration to the patient the planet and stop focusing on obstacles.


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