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WECF in Cancun: Joint Intervention Women and Gender Constituency

Rachel Harris from WEDO delivered joint intervention on November 30 in Cancun

01.12.2010 |Sabine Bock

Intervention of the Women and Gender Constituency on the morning of 30 November 2010, Cancun, Mexico, COP16

Esteemed delegates, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Rachel Harris, from WEDO, and I am speaking on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. Thank you for the opportunity to take the floor.

Here in Cancun – by representatives of 194 nations – the global community must urgently resolve contentious issues to come to consensus on how to respond to climate change – indeed the most critical issue of our time, and getting more dire by the minute.

Over the last three years since Bali, Parties from every region of the world have continually highlighted, in every meeting, the importance of the gender dimension in these negotiations. Integrating a gender component means ensuring women and men both have a role in decision-making at every level, that women’s and men’s unique needs and capacities both are capitalized upon to respond to the escalating problem before us.

Gender equality principles, as prerequisites to sustainable development and poverty eradication, should be included in the shared vision. Advancing gender equality is a critical tool which can help meet the goals of long-term cooperative action. Participatory gender-sensitive adaptation action must be prioritized; likewise for capacity building. The technology cycle must integrate the knowledge and skills of women and men. Mitigation strategies can only be effective by considering the needs and risks and integrating capacities and opportunities both for women and men. Finally, any climate funds must respond to the needs of all people – and that means guaranteed equal access by both women and men, especially at the local level.

There is little time, but a lot to lose. We are with you; we support you as you come to consensus. Thank you.

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