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Swedish government´s initiative for a toxic-free everyday environment is under way

New action plan Sweden kick-starts toxic-free everyday environment - children the priority

12.03.2011 |Swedish Government press release

Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren today received the Swedish Chemicals Agency's action plan for a toxic-free everyday environment. These efforts will place particular emphasis on reducing the exposure of children and young people to hazardous chemicals.

"Parents must feel assured that their children are not coming into contact with endocrine disrupters or other substances that may have harmful effects later in life," says Mr Carlgren.

"Children and the unborn are generally more vulnerable than adults to exposure to chemicals. This is both behavioural and a product of the fact that, relative to their body weight, children drink more water, eat more food and breath more air than adults. The Government's ambition is clear: we must reduce the risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals in our everyday environment," says Mr Carlgren.

In terms of children and young people, serious damage can be caused by exposure at both the embryonic and foetal stages, and also during the first few years of life. Children's behaviour also increases the risk of exposure to chemicals: they are curious and explore the world by biting and sucking things, and they often spend time on or near the floor.


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