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VAM, WECF and WEDO workshop Bonn on Gender and Green Economy, 4 September 2011

Voices of African Mothers, WECF and WEDO co-organise workshop on Gender and Green Economy as part of the preparations for Rio+20, during the UNDPI conference in Bonn, on 4 September 2011.

19.10.2011 |Sascha Gabizon

WECF director Sascha Gabizon presented recent gender research from the World Bank, World Economic Forum, Food and Agriculture organisations and others, which show that due to gender discrimination, women remain the majority of the poor and the hungry, but produce most of the worlds food, whilst earning less then 1% of property.

Download the presentation here.

We have not been successful in eliminating poverty, because we have not been able to eliminate gender discrimination.

Rio+20 aims at moving towards a greening of economies in the context of poverty eradication. WECF argues that in order for women to take actively part in the economy, they first need to be able to do so - in other words, they should not be forced to spent most of their time for "survival" of their families, for example, gathering fuel, water, producing food, and caring for children and other family members.

Also, if women's environment is being destroyed or polluted, their potential to participate in political and economic development is severely reduced, examples were given of nuclear pollution in Central Asia.

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