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The World Water Forum 6: Time for Solutions

WECF, together with France Libertés and the Water Coalition, is mobilizing for the right to water and sanitation

09.03.2012 |Rasa Jaruseviciute

WECF mobilizes for the right to water and, together with France Libertés and Moldovan partner "Ormax", will participate at the Forum Alternative World Water (FAME) on 9-17 of March and the 6th World Water Forum Marseille 2012: Regional Process Europe, to be held between 12 and 17 of March in Marseille, France.

WECF is a part of the working group "Give access to the drinking water and sanitation services for the European underprivileged populations".

WECF's solutions have been accepted on the Solutions for Water platform:
  • "Equitable Access to Sustainable School Sanitation"
  • "Equitable access to sanitation for rural population through UDDT"
  • "Water Safety Plans involving schools"

More information on WECF's work in Marseille:

To draw public attention on the issues related to water, WECF, in partnership with the City of Annemasse, also organizes an exhibition about the activities of Danielle Mitterrand in the field of human right to water and sanitation from 23 February to 31 March. An open-for-public conference "Water, Society and Solidarity" will be held on the 20th of March 2012 at 14hrs in Annemasse, France.

The World Water Forum is the world's largest meeting around water and one of the highlights organized by the World Water Council (WWC) every three years since 1997. Established in 1996, the WWC is now composed from over 350 members, including NGOs, public agencies, private companies, universities and financial institutions such as the World Bank. By organizing the World Water Forums, the WWC aims to "bring water high on political agenda", to "formulate concrete proposals, bring their importance to the international scene", and to "build a political commitment ". Whereas the main goal of the 6th World Water Forum, to be held in March, is to propose concrete solutions to water management and develop cooperation and solidarity in France, Europe and worldwide.

For further information on the 6th World Water Forum, please visit:

WECF implements decentralised, safe sustainable and affordable sanitation systems for rural areas and promotes in particular access to safe water and sanitation for schools. WECF raises awareness and mobilises citizens for sustainable water and wastewater management and promotes community based and affordable water supply systems for rural areas without a centralised drinking water supply. WECF and partners represent civil society in the UNECE Protocol on Water and Health process and advocate for an integrated and sustainable approach to water resource and river basin management.

Learn more about WECF activities in the field of Water and Sanitation.

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