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See how WECF and partner Greens improve the lives of the people living in Manavi, Georgia

Watch this video and see how simple energy solutions can change the daily life of villagers in Eastern Europe

26.04.2012 |WECF

"I have a solar collector. Since I started using it, Iím very happy. My life has change significantly" - said a local women whose house happens to be in a village where WECF works as part of its project "Switch to sun - live in comfort".

Manavi is a small village in the province of Kakheti in the Eastern Georgia, specialized in wine making. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the living conditions are deteriorating. 30 Ė 40 % of local family income is spent on energy. Mainly, people use wood that we collect in nearby forests. WECF, in cooperation with a local partner Greens Movement, has been investigating around energy. The discoveries showed that warm water supply is very problematic, inefficient and costly for the local population. Luckily, there is a solution.

Watch this video, made by Beyond Borders Media, on how simple solutions can improve the daily life of people in rural areas.

In English:

WECF Georgia - English from Beyond Borders Media on Vimeo.

In Dutch:

WECF GeorgiŽ - Nederlands from Beyond Borders Media on Vimeo.

About the project
WECF project Building local capacity contributes to improved health, reduced poverty and increased energy security in 22 rural communities in 7 EEC countries, through demonstrating domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation measures, based on available local capacities and materials, and creating institutional capacity for upscaling via certified trainers and craftsmen and women, while formulating lessons learned for effective financial, institutional and legal instruments for widespread replication of sustainable energy options. Read more

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