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Sustainable House Insulation training of windows and roofs in Ukraine

"Up to 50 % of heating expenditures can be saved by repairing windows" - training by WECF and GERES

09.10.2012 |WECF

Window insulation at the Maneyvichi School

September 24-28 a training on house insulation took place in Manevichi, Ukraine. The training was organized by local partner Ecoclub and 16 participants from Manevichi and Tatarbunary region joined in. Main topic of the training was insulation of windows and roof. Roof insulation and theoretical background was presented by expert Marc Glass from GERES, windows insulation by Andriy Martiniuk and Illya Eremenko from Ecoclub.
The training consisted of 2 consecutive days of theoretical lessons and 2 days of practical training (one day windows insulation, one day roof insulation). Window insulation was implemented in a school in Manevichi, with a population of only 4000 a small rural community in western Ukraine.

The local Elementary school desperately needs to replace many broken and badly damaged windows before the country heads into the next winter where temperatures will plumet lower than -20 degrees.  Insulated windows are needed to combat the severe temperatures experienced during the winter, they will stops draughts and massively reduce the school's heating costs.

At the school, that was badly in need of new or repaired windows, the group learned how to repair old wooden windows. Some windows cannot be repaired because they are in too bad conditions, but if it is still possible to repair, up to 50% of heating expenditures can be saved by this measure.

Roof insulation was implemented in a typical rural house in a very small village nearby . There, the group learned to implement 3 different methods of insulation, all of them with natural and local materials. The insulated house will serve as a demonstration object, so visitors can see 3 different kinds of roof insulation: insulation of the ceiling with straw and clay, insulation of the ceiling with wood chips and wood casing, insulation of the roof with straw in a wood casing.

On the last day of the training, the monitoring strategy was discussed and positive feedback was given by the participants. All of them are now able to insulate their own houses using the techniques they have learned in the training.

The same kind of training took place in Georgia, Akhaltsikhe, from 3-7 september 2012 and was organized by Social Development Center of Akhaltsikhe

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