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Most of EUís nuclear power plants unsafe

Stress-tests conducted after the Fukushima meltdown reveal that most EU facilities are not secured enough from external events

30.10.2012 |WECF

According to an EU-report, only four countries operate nuclear power plants with additional safety systems to secure them from external events.

Incidents such as total power blackout, severe accident situations or external events could not be dealt with in most reactors. Among the reasons are loose security restraints, lack of back-up power generators or security equipment such as seismic instruments.

However, the test results have no legally binding consequences. Still, German and Austrian politicians called for phasing out of especially fragile nuclear powers, and activists calling for an entire phasing out of nuclear power.

The stress test also shed light on how expensive nuclear energy can be with estimating the costs of required improvements to make the power plants safe. The total cost of all operating nuclear reactors could be 10 to 25 billion Euros in the next coming years.
Due to the high costs and the risks, calls for renewable energy are becoming louder. WECF also supports a total phasing out of nuclear power and a turn towards a safe and green energy-future.

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