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ICCM3 in Nairobi - 3rd SAICM International Conference on Chemicals Management

WECF participated, as SAICM focal point, at the ICCM3, working on EDCs, chemicals in products and nanomaterials

01.11.2012 |WICF

Alexandra Caterbow participating at ICCM3 in Nairobi, Kenya

From the 17th till the 21st of September, WECF participated at the 3rd International Conference on Chemicals Management, ICCM3, hosted by UNEP in Nairobi. Together with 50 NGOs from 31 countries and coordinated by IPEN, WECF advocated on critical issues such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which helped change positions and moved some countries in the interest of human health and the environment.

The main results of the conference are: a consensus decision that endocrine disrupters are a global emerging policy issue and the need for measures to reduce exposure, especially to vulnerable groups; a resolution on highly hazardous pesticides was brought forward but was finally not adopted, but several key stakeholders made clear that inter sessional work is needed; the work on elimination of lead in paint should include promotion of national regulatory frameworks; continuation of work on chemicals in products including awareness raising among consumers; addition of the topics nano materials and electronics to the Global Plan of Action, adoption of a health sector strategy; and the further extension of the Quick Start Program.

WECF participated actively, together with other NGOs, in plenary sessions, working groups and presented a poster of its related projects throughout the week.
In its interventions, WECF explicitly called for the protection of vulnerable groups, like women and children.In collaboration with IPEN, WECF contributed to a position paper on EDCs

A policy process like SAICM is very valuable, even though it is not legally binding. SAICM provides an important international framework to address issues of chemical safety, to identify new and emerging issues, and to discuss in an open and inclusive manner potential solutions. However, there is still a long way to go if we want to reach the 2020 goal at least in 2030, since still governments do not commit at all or too late, and do not undertake sufficient measures to protect the environment and human health from harmful chemicals.
IPEN ICCM3 website including interventions made at the Conference can be found at:
Earth Negotiations Bulletin on ICCM3
The SAICM Secretariat web page on ICCM3
SAICM text available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish is located here.

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