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WECF organised a round table on barriers to energy efficiency in Lutsk, Ukraine

WECF organised a local roundtable in Lutsk, on the 13th of December 2012. Participants were representatives from the Manevyshi Administration, energy department of Volyn oblast administration, regional media, local project participants and other participants.

20.12.2012 |WECF

The round table assessed that the main barrier to energy efficiency are the legal regulations and a lack of public awareness on the topic. 

Andrew Martyniuk, chairman of the local NGO Ecoclub, assured that developing energy efficiency not only ensures the economic safety of the Ukrainian people, but also increase their overall quality of life.

So far, in Ukraine, there are no incentives to invest in buildings’ energy efficiency, despite its potential to drastically reduce green house gas emissions and energy costs. Public buildings realizing a better insulation get no access to public funding. Instead, the buildings’ owners will have to accept a reduction of their energy allowance. Therefore, possibilities of public funding and low interest loans for energy efficiency projects have to be implemented.

Other energy efficiency projects are already a growing success in the region, conducted as part of the international project ‘switch on the sun – live comfortably'. In Ukraine, this project is carried out together with Ecoclub as a local partner. Solar water heaters are already implemented in other parts of the district and draw the attention of private people and other municipalities. A solar collector which was installed in a kindergarden in Manevichi, a close-by village has even drawn the attention of the Ukrainian media. With the solar water-heater's cost being at around 300 Euros, it quickly breaks even due to saving energy. It also builds local capacity, as participants in the project are trained in the theory of the functioning, constructing, installing, and maintaining the water heaters.

After the round table, there was again a demonstration of solar water heaters and insulation for the media and other stake-holders.