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“Climate needs Farmers"

In January 2013, WECF France started the European exchange programme Leonardo Da Vinci.

26.02.2013 |WECF

Participants of the first exchange meeting.

Farming is a profession which feeds most of the world’s population. The knowledge and understanding of farmers on the interlinking of agriculture and climate change is essential for the very sustainability of food production.

Although this relationship is progressively becoming better researched in the scientific community, the results still have not been put into practical knowledge. As an energy-intensive and green-house gas emitting practice, farming has to be re-thought in terms of its complex connections with the environment.  However, especially in new EU countries, intensive agriculture is still promoted, emitting high levels of CO2 and NO2. Regardless of the environmental impact, biodiversity, and the climate, economic efficiency is still being held key to successful farming.

To respond to the need for a new approach in farming, a Learning Partnership was created – involving a wide range of specialists – farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, trade unions and NGOs. This diverse group will have the possibility to exchange their knowledge and experience on the different agricultural methods in their respective countries. This will also allow them to develop and propose a training content with educational tools that respond to the new challenges of agriculture in the 21st century. The first meeting took place in January 2013, setting out the programme until 2014.

You can find more information on Climate needs Farmers here.

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