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Isabelle Velarde receives the Award Terre de Femmes Yves Rocher for the project InitiaTerre launched by WECF France

On the occasion of the international Women’s day Isabelle Velarde received the 2nd Award Terre de Femmes from M. Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher foundation

20.03.2013 |WECF

On the occasion of the international Women’s day Isabelle Velarde received the 2nd Award Terre de Femmes from M. Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher foundation.

Isabelle is an archaeologist. She is fascinated by the geographical and social history of Geneva area and decided to dedicate her energy and talent to promoting local sustainable agriculture within WECF’s team in France.   

Together with many local* actors, she created InitiaTerre, an incubator for agricultural projects, aimed at supporting young farmers in their starting years. The incubator provides them with agricultural land, production tools and training to enable them to test if their entreprise will be viable.  

The incubator InitiaTerre was conceived to support local and sustainable agriculture : ecological and seasonal production, direct distribution, recreating the link between consumers and producers. 

WECF France, whose mission is to carry out the priorities of women for sustainable development, makes sure that this incubator welcomes many women’s projects.
« We put a special attention on women in agriculture because they are usually discriminated in this sector, insists Isabelle. Only 20% of  women farmers receive financial support against 47% of men. Women have difficulties in receiving credit for their project compared to men. And yet women are the ones who bring in a new perspective in agriculture, with alternative projects taking ecological transition into account.

WECF is really honored by this Award Terre de Femmes ! It was created 12 years ago by the Yves Rocher foundation to reward extraordinary women engaged with the protection of our planet.

*    InitiaTerre is a project initiated by the Collective Agriculture Durable de Proximité du Bassin Lémanique (ADP Léman): Terre de liens, Adabio, Ardear Rhône Alpes, Professional Agricultural Organisations, AMAP, citizens, WECF.

The full article in French can be found here

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