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Worldwide more people have a mobile phone than access to a toilet

Out of 7 Billion people, 6 Billion have a mobile phone, but only 4.5 Billion have access to a toilet

01.05.2013 |UN

The world-wide lack of access to toilets can be described as a sanitation-crisis, affecting people mostly living in rural areas without access to proper sanitation.

Out of the 2.5 Billion people lacking adequate sanitation, about 1.1. Billion have no access to toilets at all, being forced to defecate in the open. The UN and other institutions such as the world bank are now working on bringing technological innovations together to alleviate the problems. With the prevalence of mobile phone devices, decentralized information collection and dissemination about sanitation is implemented. Thus, smart phone apps have been developed, educating about sanitation, or SMS services were installed to collect data about sanitation delivery services in remote areas.

Especially waste water management and sanitation are becoming more and more pressing since the world has put a large emphasize on access to safe water, but not to safe sanitation. With ever more improved access to drinking water, the problems of a lack of adequate sanitation become more obvious and the global attention is tilting towards providing sanitation.


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