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Round Table discussion on the future of Ukraine’s energy supply in Kyiv

WECF, Ecoclub, and the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine discussed about the climate and energy strategies possible in Ukraine

08.05.2013 |WECF

Despite vast economic growth from the 1990s to the 2000s, Ukraine has seen very little innovation and growth in its energy sector. Now, a large-scale change is necessary to secure the country’s energy supply, which also offers a large-scale transformation to decentralized and renewable energy supply.

In Ukraine, the energy sector is dominated by very few, very large companies which make the transformation to a decentralized green energy supply rather hard. So far, there are only few small-scale photovoltaic projects in existence, in Ukraine. Also, certain tax incentives to install solar power are not known to the wider public, or hard to get due to non-standardized application procedures. 

Representatives exchanged the strategies for energy efficiency implemented in Munich and Kyiv, such as grant systems in Munich or the training of energy managers in Kyiv. Also, WECF’s engagement in installing solar collectors was honored.
At the end of the day, strategies were formulated and presented. One of them was a public solar power plant, which could fulfill all legal particularities for foreign investment and installation in Ukraine. You can find a full report of the round table here.

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