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France finalizing plans for a national EDC strategy

A draft strategy is expected to be presented, although many NGOs fear it to bee not ambitious enough and under-financed

03.06.2013 |Chemical Watch

Since the conference on the environment held by the French government in December 2012, a national strategy on regulating EDCs has been forged in consultation with NGOs. However, planned regulations do not seem to go beyond the REACH agreement.

NGOS are already criticizing the unfinished document for watering down earlier expressed ambitions by the French minister for ecology. Also, the health department has been critiqued for not making enough references to the negative health effects of EDCs. Especially Phthalates will not be regulated as stringently as many health-related NGOs would have liked to see it.

The new regulation-strategy is followed especially closely due to Franceís recent multiple commitments towards reducing exposure to EDCs. France has already voted to ban EDCs in food containers for infants and voted in favour of Asa Westlundís report, recommending the minimization of EDC exposure.

Source: Chemical Watch

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