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Huge COP19 Walk Out from Warsaw Climate Summit. WECF says “enough is enough”

There was a huge COP19 walk-out on Friday November 21st in Warsaw. As growing frustration over lack of ambition and hindered participation came to a head, Civil Society groups, including WECF, said “Enough!”

21.11.2013 |WICF

There was a huge COP19 walk-out on Thursday November 21st in Warsaw.  As growing frustration over lack of ambition and hindered participation came to a head, Civil Society groups said “Enough!” 

The message was not in criticism to the UNFCCC, but this particular COP and to Parties’ lack of urgency toward a real, concrete climate deal expected in Paris 2015.  Among those that streamed out of the conference was WECF along with a huge number of Civil Society groups. But NGOs were not alone, 133 countries walked out on Wednesday. 


Sabine Bock, Climate and Energy Director for WECF:
“Our delegates came from all over the world to participate in what they thought were negotiations on ambitious commitments to protect our planet, our societies and our future generations from runaway climate change.  However, the governments insist on bickering between themselves on the inside while the Arctic melts and storms rage on the outside. It is unacceptable that governments are not agreeing on urgent action despite the increasing cost in lives and damage which climate change is causing.”

WECF at the COP19 in Warsaw

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