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World Water Day in Macedonia: Raising Awareness on Water and Sanitation Safety Planning

While celebrating World Water day WECF and Macedonian partner JHR publicly announced their project on Water and Sanitation Safety Planning (WSSP) for Macedonia and Romania

13.04.2014 |WECF

Raising awareness on the importance of access to safe water for all and on water a a source for possible energy production was the main aim on World Water Day (WWD) in Macedonia this year. The day was organised by the Institute for Public Health of Macedonia, and was celebrated in the Matka canyon, nearby Skopje.

At the celebration WECF and the local partner JHR made a first public announcement of the Water and Sanitation Safety Plans (WSSP) project, which will be implemented in 5 rural communities in Macedonia. Furthermore, parallel to the implementation of the project in Macedonia, the project is also conducted in 3 rural communities in Romania.

At the WWD event WECF showed how to test the concentration of nitrate in water samples and students had the occasion to test the drinking water samples, brought by them.

Furthermore, by making use of the so-called Glitterbug powder, a demonstration was conducted on the possible transfer of microorganisms from one person to another person by hand shaking. Assoc. Prof. Mihail Kochubovski from the Institute of Public Health in Macedonia took part in the “handshaking” demonstration.
The WWD event was broadcasted on the national radio and television, with interviews from Assoc.Prof. Mihail Kochubovski and Margriet Samwel from WECF


Bistra Mihaylova
Claudia Wendland

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