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Busy day for EDCs: EU could save up to € 31 billion a year on health costs by reducing exposure to EDC’s

Both European Health and Environment network HEAL and Pesticides Action Network publish reports on EDC’s today

18.06.2014 |WECF

Today Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and Pesticide Action Network (PAN) both released reports on the current status of endocrine disruptors in the European Union.

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), of which WECF is a member, has launched figures today showing that exposure to endocrine disruptors may be responsible for up to €31 billion per year in health costs in the European Union.

The clear message is that reaping the huge benefits for health – avoidance of a proportion of cases of infertility, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and obesity – will only begin once the EU take action to reduce human exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. The full report can be found on the HEAL website

WECFs ChildProtect partner Pesticide Action Network Europe also came forward with a report in relation to EDC’s. In their press release ‘Roadmap to Nowhere’ the network defines criteria for the identification of EDC’s in pesticides en biocides. 

The roadmap is considered to regulate decision making of EDCs on risk assessment and socio-economic analysis. The links to the Road Map for EDC Criteria Impact Assessment s issued by the European Commission can be found here:

The Road Map - European Commission ENVI
The Road Map - European Commission SANCO

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