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WECF at 44. BVKJ annual meeting of paediatricians and youth doctors in Berlin

500 participants were informed about how to protect children against EDCs

16.07.2014 |WECF

700 participants met at the 44th annual conference of Paediatricians and Youth Doctors that took place in Berlin from June 13 to June 15 and focused on environmental health.

With an informational booth in the fair area of the conference and a seminar for paediatricians WECF informed participants about EDCs, their special properties, and possibilities to avoid exposure of EDCs. Approximately 500 participants were reached through the booth, a presentation given by Dr. Stefan Böse O’Reilly and a seminar provided by Dr. Silvia Pleschka, WECF’s chemical expert.

The content of the seminar can be found here: (PDF)

Along with the congress, WECF presented its new guide on textiles in German. This guide helps consumers, especially parents, avoid hazardous chemicals in (children’s) clothes. Here you can find the link to the publication in German.

Through meetings with paediatricians and assistants, WECF can gain an interesting overview on the needs of paediatricians as well as what informational gaps are still existing.

Main outcome:
  • Many of the participants of the congress are still unaware of the Issue of EDCs in detail;
  • Some doctors pointed out that it is likely that the parents are better informed than doctors are;
  • Nevertheless, the Information WECF gave regarding the issue of EDCs is very helpful;
  • In daily work, time is missing to be proactive with the issue hazardous chemicals in general and EDCs specifically;
  • Concrete concerns came up about aluminium in deodorant due to the current press in Germany;
  • Paediatricians are an important group to give information on EDCs and other hazardous chemicals.
WECF article in the congress magazine “Gesunde Umwelt – ein Grundrecht für Kinder und Jugendliche” also gave information about EDCs, their risk for children’s health and how to avoid them.

The article “Wenn endokrin wirksame Substanzen in Alltagsprodukten Kindergesundheit gefährden” was printed in the special magazine edited in frame of the congress. Read more here.