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What happened in 2013 in our Food Gardens?

Stories from South Africa

11.08.2014 |

Cape Town: Soil for Life: In late 2013, Soil for Life conducted training with two groups, the participants were extremely keen and almost all of the home gardeners in this group developed gardens.

One Participant, Mama Esther (65), was so impressed that she wants to take what she has learned back to the Transkei and the Eastern Cape and teach everyone there, what she has learned.  She thinks it will be a huge success.  She has already recruited two her neighbours who run a crèche to do the next round of training.

Durban: DES

The Workshops organized by Durban DES took place on a regular basis. In July 2013, there was a training in Business skills for small scale farming, participants were given the opportunity to increase their calculation skills into profits making for their gardens. 

In August, a group of women had the opportunity to go to the playhouse and be part of the SA Women’s Art festival and watch the stage play of ‘Mother to Mother’. The play is centred on the Apartheid area of South Africa, portraying the struggles of a mother, trying to come to terms with the actions of her son. Many of the farmers could relate to it because most of the beneficiaries grew up during the apartheid regime. The event was thought provoking and inspiring for the group and also proved to strengthen their commitment to the project. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to raise awareness and give the participants more information on gender issues and women empowerment.

Furthermore, the group participated in September in the Sustainable Living Exhibition, held at the Durban Convention Centre. The Exhibition aimed at showing sustainability efforts, providing learning, sharing and networking experience to the broad section of the public and inspires actions at individual level or community level. The group exhibited their work and had the opportunity to put in practice their enterprise skills. They sold their vegetables and fruits, but also showcased their handmade bags, belts and shoes made from recyclable materials such as plastic.

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What happened in 2013 in our Food Gardens?
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